Craniosacral therapy

cstspineWhat is craniosacral therapy?

Craniosacral therapy is a gentle yet powerful hands-on therapy that has its origins in osteopathy. It is a whole body approach that works with the body’s natural ability to restore health and optimum balance. It works with the subtle rhythmic movements that are expressed by all tissues and living cells that are fundamental to life – known as the ‘Breath of Life’ or craniosacral motion.

The treatment works to help release patterns of stress and tensions held in the body from physical injury, past trauma, emotional stress or life experiences.  Patients can access a deep state of relaxation and inner stillness that can bring profound recovery and build strength and inner resources to tackle the stresses of life.

Craniosacral therapy is effective for a wide range of conditions and is suitable for babies, children, elderly or people with fragile and painful conditions.

What happens in a craniosacral session?

Patients lie on a couch fully clothed during sessions and the practitioner makes light contact on the body – usually on the head, shoulders, sacrum (bottom of spine) or feet but anywhere on the body can be contacted. The practitioner ‘listens’ with their hands to what is happening in the body and aids subtle changes and reorganisation in the structure and tissues of the body. This could include gentle expansion and movement where there are areas of restriction. The touch is light and delicate, yet the treatment is deeply dynamic at a micro-movement level. The patient may feel some sensations, such as tingling, subtle movements, heat or cold, or a deep sense of stillness, expansion or relaxation.

The treatments are client-led, so your body will reveal the priority to be worked on and the pace of the work so you are able to integrate the changes that occur. This is a gentle and non-invasive technique that does not use mechanical manipulation or adjustment, although profound changes can occur. A series of treatments are recommended to get the full benefit of the cumulative effect of this work.

Craniosacral therapy for babies and mothers