Shiatsu Shin Tai

Chinese_meridians_cropresizeWhat is Shiatsu Shin Tai?

Shiatsu is a hands-on body therapy originating in Japan that uses the ancient principles of Chinese medicine, combined with modern structural techniques, to bring better flow of energy in the body. It works directly with the energy pathways (meridians) where energy (qi or life force) flows as well as with the body tissues – the muscles, connective tissues, ligaments, joints, bones, organs and circulation of fluids.

Shiatsu Shin Tai is a modern evolution of traditional shiatsu developed by Saul Goodman that incorporates structural and energetic techniques that focus on bringing the body into better alignment – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Treatments access the ‘core information system’ of the body-mind and work deeply with:

  • the fascia (deep connective tissue surrounding all cells, tissues and organs) that holds body-memory and accumulated stress-patterns
  • the ‘hara’ (abdomen), to bring strength and resilience
  • the spine and central core of the body
  • the hip-structure where musculo-skeletal imbalances in the pelvis, hips, legs and torso can affect body function
  • the vibrational energy body and chakras

Shiatsu Shin Tai uses both light touch and deep pressure, body stretches, joint mobilisation, subtle release of fascia (connective tissue) and gentle passive adjustments of the spine and musculo-skeletal system.

The treatments can help to alleviate physical pain and injury, clear tension and stress, correct structural misalignments, increase energy levels and motivation, improve emotional wellbeing and mental clarity.  A series of treatments can also assist at times of change and transformation.

What happens in a shiatsu session?

Many areas of the body are worked on – back, spine, hips, torso, legs, feet, shoulders, arms, head, neck and face – so it can be experienced as an invigorating and nurturing whole body treatment.

Sessions are for one hour including a short time at the beginning to ask questions about your health and usually recommendations are given at the end to aid improvements to your condition.

The treatments are done fully clothed at floor-level on a mat and special supportive body-cushion that enables the neck to remain straight and the spine to relax.

It is advisable to wear loose comfortable clothing and not to eat a heavy meal or drink alcohol before the session.

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