Shiatsu Shin Tai & Craniosacral Therapy: Recovering life force through whole body alignment

RoseShiatsu Shin Tai and Craniosacral Therapy are deeply nourishing and restorative body therapies that work to recover life force, our innate vitality and health.  The treatments help to resolve long-held patterns of stress that can become accumulated in the body tissue and energy system that affect our overall physical functioning and range of movement, as well as our mind, emotions and spirit. It works at a deep level to bring better alignment and balance of energy flow to all body systems.

This clears your system of stress and compression, allowing more life force to become available, and bringing a renewed sense of vitality, motivation and ease in your body and life overall. Treatments can assist with stress reduction, relief from pain and injury, recovery from trauma, immunity, digestive function, emotional wellbeing and  mental clarity.

A series of treatments can also assist with life changes and times of transformation.